Websites through out the years

Early in my career I started as an interaction designer. I learned basic coding (HTML/CSS) and applied it to my early designs. Later on I learned a bit about PHP/Javascript / jQuery but decided that it wasn’t for me. I focused more on CMS building and specialized myself in working with WordPress.

My first assignment dates back to 2006, over the years I’ve been learning on internship, learning from my peers and my educations to develop certain skills in the design world. Building websites was one of many exposures I had and to this day I’m still learning and developing myself.

mrlongbreda.nl v2.0

After a few years the Mr.Long Breda site needed an update. I decided to add some new functionalities and added the social media as well.

With the launch of their White Label Podium branding they needed a website to help sending the message. This was the second website that I have created for BottleX.

I’ve worked on and off for BottleX and with that also their website. With the slight redesign, I decided to make the site more modern and functional.

nianhaogoesnl v2.0 (2016)

After many years Nian Hao was needed a redesign. With this in mind I made them a brand new website with great usage of their photo’s and menu’s.

mrlongbreda.nl v1.0

I created this website for Mr.Long for their Breda location.

mrlong.nl v2.0

Mrlong was one of the biggest projects to date. Their site was hacked and so they needed a redesign for their site. I created this website for them.

BubbleTea TT was a quick website that I made for a customer. They gave me the images and I made a simple website for their WordPress.

autobedrijf kluyfhout

The biggest assignment during my internship with Cwier. Autobedrijf Kluyfhout needed an upgrade for their website and ask me to redesign and code their new website.

This was the very first WordPress fullfledged coded template that I made for a customer.


Slimfilm was a project during my final year of internship at Cwier. The site needed an accordion menu for the examples and so I got the assignment to code that part of the website.


Albakos was an assignment during my final year of my internship at Cwier. The customer needed a simple and quick website for his business.

Warm123 was an assignment during my internship in my final year of my education at Cwier, the customer wanted to use this header and next to that a simple website for his business.

wereldwinkel goes

Wereldwinkel Goes was my first internship assignment ever. I designed their site layout for the CMS system. I used their brand identity rules and applied them on the design.

nianhaogoes.nl v1.0 (2006)

My very first project for a client. I’ve put all my knowledge on HTML/CSS in to create my assignment for Nian Hao in Goes.