Graphic Design

My fascination for Graphic Design started from very young. As a child I always wanted to become a cartoonist, work with colors and lines, shapes and curves which I later on implemented when I started my professional career.

I decided that Graphic Design was the first skill I wanted to develop. By learning from others and mimicking styles I quickly learned how to apply techniques for my own designs.

It doesn’t matter if the design requires a clean look or a more advanced design, I always relish on the challenge and put a maximum effort into my creations.


Untitled is an organisation focused on development of individuals who are searching for an opportunity to discover new experiences and connect with different minded people outside of existing educational institutions.

UNTITLED is co-founded by Thanh Hai Cao & Rik Jaco Jansen, both felt they had to do something to uplift the moral of their education, everybody was focusing on school but outside of that they don’t know what to do to develop their skills.

Why is it called UNTITLED you may ask? As UNTITLED we want every project to stand on it’s own, we felt keeping it untitled will fill in the expectations of the creators so they can name their project anything they want without any restrictions.

Origin & The problem
We’ve thought up this concept to help fellow students as well as non-students to develop their skill, find their passion and provide the experience they need to succeed in life. Untitled is a project created by students who felt that just the school system wasn’t enough to develop their skills. A lot of students don’t know what to do besides school when it comes to development, companies ask for a certain experience which they express in years in their job applications, yet most students have the capabilities yet not the right required experience in years. We feel that in this day and age, everything evolves so fast, a seasoned designer would have the same struggles adapting as a new designer who just learns the craft. So we decided that the best course of action would be to give the students the opportunity to grow and let them experiment with new and exciting skills. Challenging them to become a more rounded professional when they eventually return / step into the workforce.

Logo Design
The logo is created out of the three principles that we work from. While developing this project we noticed that the number 3 always comes back in one shape or the other. The three squares represent the three steps we take, research, conceptualization & execution. Another way to view it, the logo looks like an unfinished window, with one square missing, it stands for the fulfillment that we want to develop has yet to come.

UNTITLED Development

So as we said previously, we want to help develop skills. This skill could be art, design or even organisational skills.

We as group focuses on personal development as well as team development in a few ways. Untitled doesn’t teach but develops the person by working together with them on projects. Every individual is their own boss and controls their own process, yet they work towards one end goal. Naturally we all work towards that one goal. An Art & Design exposition.

At Untitled we work in three segments and research, conceptualization & execution. Each project has a certain theme and every individual has their own freedom in what they want to work on and what they want to showcase on the exposition. Being able to showcase your work to the world is a wonderful feeling, it helps you get the right exposure. After a fun process with peers you will develop that one skill, recognition and an extra slot filled in your resume.


We want to make Dilly Max a brand that is all about creativity, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, motivation, inspiration and ambition. This will always be incorporated into the content and be reflected in the themes of the formats. 

The personal brand for Ilya Delano.

Involvement: I designed the logo for DILLYMAX upon the wishes of Ilya, focusing on his style and brand, I created something that is close to what he is known for already with a slight touch of difference to highlight that DILLYMAX is a seperate entitity comparing to his other ventures.


Vinasoft (2017)

Vinasoft is a web based company which I co-founded. Vinasoft creates websites for businesses and focuses on web development. 

I decided to step down from this project due personal differences in where we wanted the company to go. 

Involvement: As a co-founder I was the Designer of the company, I created this logo with Vietnam in mind as we both have Vietnamese blood. The logo is based on the beautiful parts of Vietnam, looking past the Communism, I decided to use the main colors of the flag and use it to create a blossom to represent growth and beauty.

Puur Jo (2017)

Puur Jo was an assignment from BottleX to create a new brand identity for Puur Jo, designing the logo & bottle design.

Involvement: Design of the brand identity & product design.

Vieth (2017)

VIETH HAIRDRESSERS was an assignment from BottleX to create a new brand identity for VIETH HAIRDRESSERS, designing the logo & bottle design.

Involvement: Design of the brand identity & product design.

UnCut (2017)

UNCUT was an assignment from BottleX to create a design for UNCUT.

Involvement: Design of the product design.

Shivoo (2017)

SHIVOO was an assignment from BottleX to create a new brand identity for SHIVOO, designing the logo & bottle design.

Involvement: Design of the brand identity, package design & product design.

OrnatiQ (2017)

ORNATIQ goes silver was an assignment from BottleX to create a new brand identity for ORNATIQ goes silver, designing the logo & bottle design.

Involvement: Design of package design & product design.

Happy Holland Project (2012)

Happy Holland was a school project. I created an idea for a campaign to bring happiness to people with fun guerilla performances and flash mobs to lighten up everyone’s busy scedule. 

Everyday people are busy going through traffic and what not to get to work and are stressed out of their minds, with this project I want to lighten their mood even for a minute.

Gambling Skull (2011)

This was a small mock up for a logo. A skull build out of playing card icons. Skulls are a representation of death, I felt it can mean more then that, life’s a gamble. I you don’t grasp for challenges you will end up living with regret.