My humble portfolio site.



My humble portfolio site.


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My name is Thanh Hai Cao

My name is Thanh Hai Cao, I am an Experienced Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Photography, Graphics, Logo Design, WordPress, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Expertise & Abillities

Early in my career I started as an interaction designer. I learned basic coding (HTML/CSS) and applied it to my early designs. Later on I learned a bit about PHP/Javascript / jQuery but decided that it wasn’t for me. I focused more on CMS building and specialized myself in working with WordPress.

I was always fascinated by Web Design and wanted to create my own pages to showcase my work. From there I started to pick up assignments for other people and developed my skills during every process to where I am today as designer.


My fascination for Graphic Design started from very young. As a child I always wanted to become a cartoonist, work with colors and lines, shapes and curves. Later on when I started my career I decided that Graphic Design was the first skill I want to pick up. By learning from others and mimicking styles I quickly learned how to apply techniques for my own designs.

It doesn’t matter if the design requires a clean look or a more advanced design, I always relish on the challenge.

With a musically ear and a passion for the craft, later on in my career I decided to try Sound Design. With different tools, instruments and voices, I felt the need to express myself in the wonderful realm of music.

As a sound director I work closely with my friend Juriaan Hogenboom who is an excellent music producer.


I’m recently learning and developing skills as an Art Director. With many brainstorm sessions and inspirational sources I decided to do something with that instead of having ideas and let them disappear. Holding events to showcase the artistic creations of talented individuals is one of the many things I would love to accomplish. 

As an Social Media Marketer you need to know your platforms, what is needed to sell your product on the real of Social Media. Small businesses should grasp the outlets that are out there to expand their network. 

While working on different assignments I noticed that most of the smaller businesses were lacking in the department of marketing, especially in Social Media marketing. So I decided to pick up this skill and apply it to a few of my clients social media to gain a bigger audience. 

Sometimes you just need a solid advice to get you over the hump. Should I market myself on Instagram or Facebook? Do I need a new website or do I need more print advertisement? As a young designer I keep my eye on these things and I am always willing to share my knowledge with someone who needs it to up sell their business. I help building strategies to lift your business to another level. 

I’m always willing to help whenever you have questions on design, websites, social media marketing or anything else that I’ve mentioned on this page.

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